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JPL group believes in its strong commitment towards society and has been actively engaged with state health departments across various states in offering complimentary first aid kits etc. JPL believes in3 A's of Healthcare delivery -Affordability, Accessibility and Assurance

Cervical Cancer

Dreadful Statistics

Cervical cancer has emerged as the second most common causes of cancer in Indian females; breast cancer being the top most. Every year around 6,00,000 females are detected with cervical cancer worldwide out of which 1,50,000 females are from India only (25% of the annual incidences of cervical cancer in the world is contributed by India). Due to late detection of cervical cancer, the mortality rates are very high. Around 2,65,000 females die annually due to cervical cancer worldwide with Indian females accounting for approx. 70,000 deaths (25% of the annual deaths of cervical cancer in the world is accounted by Indian females). The above data sadly implies that an Indian female dies every eight minutes due to cervical cancer. In order to contain incidences of this life threatening disease, it is critical that there is an early and timely detection of this dreadful cancer.

It is believed that screening services that detect pre-cancerous lesions in the cervix may be inaccessible to women due to high cost, shortage of equipment and providers, and less knowledge about service options.

Cervical Cancer Screening

Cervical cancer screening using Liquid Based Cytology is an advanced but expensive technology (currently charged at Rs 2,500 per screening), which offers higher accuracy as compared to historically used conventional pap smear technology.

Liquid Based Cytology

    STEP 1:

  • Specimen Collection - by the Clinicians
  • Gynecologist has to into the cervix insert the Cyto Brush
  • Rotate the Cyto Brush by 360° twice deep into the cervix
  • Detach the Bristle head & drop it into the preservative vial
  • Close the vial and vortex to obtain a homogeneous fixing
  • STEP 2:

  • Laboratory Process - by the experts in cytology

Safety Begins with Team Work " Working for your better health "

JPL's commitment to cervical cancer screening

On the back of its strong team of doctors, extensive network of centres along with a world class infrastructure, we believe that JPL is uniquely positioned to offer cervical cancer screening across the country. In order to address the key issues of higher cost, unavailability of skilled professionals and lack of awareness regarding cervical cancer, we are keen to launch an ambitious project titled “SAVE MAA” offering pan India free cervical cancer screening using Liquid Based Cytology across all the district hospitals in India.

As part of this project, we seek support from the district hospitals to create awareness about cervical cancer screening and ensure timely collection and delivery of specimens to our apex centre for their further processing and reporting.

JPL is in the process of tying up with the various state health departments to empanel it as its partner offering free cervical cancer screening across all the district hospitals.

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